Following the recent Annual General Meeting, DOMA is pleased to post its 5th Annual Report. It includes details and photos of our educational and campaigning work: 

  • 8th April 2017: Wandering Abroad poetry workshop (Roscoe Methodist Church, Leeds)
  • 14th May 2017: Rise! music event (Wharfe Chambers, Leeds)
  • 13th May 2017: Remembering Oluwale Anthology won the Saboteur Award for Best Anthology 
  • 7th June 2017: Remembering Oluwale Anthology poetry reading (Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds)
  • 28th June 2017: Darcus Howe memorial event (RJC Dance Studio, Mandela Centre, Leeds)
  • August 2017: King David Oluwale and his Migrant Masqueraders (Chapeltown, Leeds)
  • 13 October 2017: A Place Called Home: David Oluwale’s Leeds (The Leeds Library)

The report comments on the difficulty we have had securing an agreement with ASDA to lease us the patch of land they had allowed us to use for David’s memorial garden, and on progress we are making with our major venture, the David Oluwale Sculpture Garden.

You are invited to download the full report DOMA 5th Annual Report to 2018 vs 11.6.18 WORD

You are welcome to inspect our annual accounts DOMA 2018 Accounts 01.04.17_31.03.18 v3 WORD