Here is the first Annual Report of our charity (up to 31 May 2014). It’s full of information and photos. It includes our Accounts.  It’s well worth a read.

DOMA Annual Report 2014 final

But if you are too much of a hurry, it opens with this “impact statement”:

The David Oluwale Memorial Association has achieved the following goals:

1) Raising our profile:

Starting with a very successful launch of the charity early in 2013 and culminating in a magnificent fund-raising event in May 2014, both of which achieved publicity in the mainstream local media and entailed active use of all the social media, DOMA has established a recognised place in Leeds and nationally. DOMA is committed to using the creative arts as one of its principal means of communicating its messages.

2) Building partnerships:

DOMA has established excellent working relationships with the following agencies: Commercial: ASDA, National Rail; Public sector: Leeds City Council, Leeds and York Partnership National Health Trust, Leeds Metropolitan University; Third Sector: St George’s Crypt, Touchstone, Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network, Leeds West Indian Centre, Nigerian Community Leeds, Groundwork, Together for Peace, Regional Asylum Activism Network (Yorkshire & Humberside). Arts organisations: Virtual Migrants, Leeds Young Authors, Inkwell Arts. Partnership is essential to DOMA’s work.

3) Achieving practical goals:

  • –  We have been given use of the land for the Memorial Garden (thanks to ASDA) and we are negotiating a lease. We have commissioned and received a professional design for our Memorial Garden (thanks to partners at Leeds Metropolitan University).
  • –  We have commitments to build the basis of the Garden in the Spring of 2015 (thanks to Leeds City Council and Network Rail).
  • –  Our public events, and use of social media, have started the educational and campaigning aspects of the charity’s work (on homelessness, mental health, destitution, asylum, racism and substance abuse in the city of Leeds).
  • –  We have begun work on a documentary film to explain David’s life and the charity’s work.
  • –  Negotiations have started on a collaborative symposium in 2015 on the issues raised by David’s life and the challenges he faced.