Here’s our annual report for our AGM in June 2017. It’s taken me all this time to insert the photos. (The above photo is in the report — RememberOluwale supported this event on Leeds Bridge on 20.1.71.)

DOMA 4th Annual Report to 2017 pdf

It’s not too long and it will keep you pretty well up-to-date with our work. We are still struggling to get ASDA to give us a lease for the interim memorial garden: is there anyone out there with senior contacts in ASDA who can help us?

Here’s the briefest version of the Annual Report:


This report covers the charity’s activities over the period of 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017. It provides the charity’s accounts up to 31st March 2017.

Building on the work done in previous years, we have continued to make an impact in the city of Leeds in pursuit of our aims in the following ways:

Educational and campaigning work: 

On 3rd June 2016: We launched the book, Remembering Oluwale Anthology arising from the Oluwale Writing Price (launched in December 2015) and detailed in the previous report.

On 7th October 2016: We contributed Refugees: a warm welcome to Leeds City Council’s Light Night.

20th January 2017: On Leeds Bridge, close to the point where Oluwale died, we joined the Build Bridges Not Walls national campaign.

On 1st February 2017 we gave a talk on David Oluwale in the Leeds University Conversations in Black History programme

On 12th February we co-sponsored a screening of the documentary film Generation Revolution.

On 20th February 2017: We joined the One Day Without Us: Leeds supporting migrants event in Briggate, in Leeds City Centre.

From January 2017 we prepared for our Forward Arts Foundation Poetry Workshop. It was held on 10th April 2017 so it will be described in the next Annual Report.

David Oluwale Memorial Gardens

We are now planning an interim garden and a sculpture-based memorial garden. Much preliminary work has taken place throughout this year, described later in this report.

Here’s the full report:

DOMA 4th Annual Report to 2017 pdf

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