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Work on the Memorial Garden is continuing: With Pippa Hale at The Tetley and Simon Baker of Group Ginger architects an interim plan for the Garden is being developed while we commission a public artist for a full-scale design. The Garden site (near Leeds Bridge) is still being used as a depot for the building of the new entrance to the railway station. In Spring 2016 the Garden will emerge as part of the environmental improvement during the flood defence works currently being undertaken by the Environment Agency and Leeds City Council. We are now firming up the lease with Asda, who’ve generously allowed us to use the garden land over the past couple of years.

(Some readers may recall that Leeds Beckett Uni landscape and garden design students produced an excellent plan for the Memorial Garden for us.  That has been extremely useful in developing our ideas but we are going for something much simpler in the interim, so as not to constrain the public artist we are seeking to appoint. We want the Garden to include iconic public art and become part of the city’s culture trail.)

Fundraising is about to start — we’re using Givey as our intermediary and a donate button will appear on this website quite soon. Initially, we need £10,000 for the interim garden plans; £20,000 for producing educational materials, running workshops/events and developing our social media; and £5,000 for administrative support.

Big event planned for 26th February 2016 with our friends in the School of English at Leeds University – Gary Younge and Caryl Phillips as the key-note speakers.

Lots more supporters advising us now Check out the list here — all people who’ve helped us so far: we are very grateful.

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