Remember Oluwale has been working hard with a team of collaborators to create a unique event in Leeds, UK, on 17th April 2015. This post advertises the programme that we’ve devised for the day. It includes links to all the people who will make short contributions to the plenary sessions. But we’re using Open Space and World Cafe processes to ensure that the key issues for discussion arise from the interests of the participants. There will be no big speeches.

The event is now fully booked. We will be using various methods of ensuring that our conclusions are widely available, including posts on this site and our Facebook page.

Here is the programme for the day. It might vary slightly. Anyone who is registered and who wants to convene a discussion on an issue that concerns them most should be prepared to speak up! We promise an exciting day packed with conversation, action planning – and relevant contributions from a range of artists.

Symposium Programme 3 PDF