As you’ve seen in earlier posts, Leeds Met University (now Leeds Beckett University) students have produced a model and drawings for the David Oluwale Memorial Garden. We are now working on detailed costings for the Garden’s various elements. The basic groundwork will be done by Leeds City Council’s Environment Agency flood-defence programme, and the beautiful old arch will be reinstated by Network Rail (currently using the garden site for a building programme). So we’re getting about £30,000 worth of work pro-bono.

To develop the ‘public art’ aspects of the garden, we are very pleased to be working with Pippa Hale and Kerry Harker at the marvellous The Tetley art centre, which is close to the garden site.

We are also extremely grateful to Katherine Dobson, events management course leader at Leeds Beckett Uni, who is developing a fund-raising strategy for us. DOMA Secretary Max Farrar recently spoke about the charity’s work to Kate’s Level 6 students on their ‘innovative fundraising’ module and we are hoping to get some more help from people in that group.

The slides for the lecture Max delivered give an up-date on the work we have been doing in the past year and outline our initial thoughts on raising funds. The slides are accessible via this link – you may need to copy it and paste it in to your browser: