There is now a considerable body of work which reflects on David Oluwale’s life and tragic death. This long essay by Max Farrar, Secretary to the David Oluwale Memorial Association, discusses several of the most substantial works, starting with Ron Phillips’s important article ‘The Death of One Lame Darkie’ (1972).

Farrar’s essay looks in detail at the way that Kester Aspden (‘The Hounding of David Oluwale’, 2008) and Caryl Phillips (‘Northern Lights’, 2007) handle the evidence collected by the police enquiry and by these authors’ own interviews. It refers also to Leeds United football chants, Linton Kewsi Johnson’s, Ian Duhig’s and Dave Whittaker’s poetry, Corinne Silva’s film and some of Farrar’s own work on this issue.

Particular attention is paid to the question of whether or not two Leeds policemen killed David. The court said they didn’t, but lots of other commentary comes to the opposite conclusion.

The (10,000 word) essay is available here Remembering Oluwale