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Remembering Oluwale Anthology is now publishedWe’ve just awarded the prizes and launched the book arising from our David Oluwale Writing competition. Remembering Oluwale – An Anthology (edited by SJ Bradley, Valley Press, 2016) and the winning entries are announced on the Big BookEnd’s site here.

We offer our huge congratulations to Dominic Grace and Anietie Isong (short story winners) and Char March and Ian Harker (poetry winners).

Raj Passy’s excellent photos of the launch event are here and some more photos are on our Facebook page.

This book testifies to two features of the RememberOluwale charity’s work: our commitment to the arts as a means of promoting social justice, and our commitment to partnership.

Social justice: All of the 70 entries to the competition demonstrated how writers engaged, imaginatively and eloquently, with the issues that David endured: mental health distress, incarceration, police brutality, destitution and homelessness — all linked to his status as a migrant from Nigeria, a British citizen who happened to be black. The 26 long-listed entries are in the book, along with already published work by Caryl Phillips, Kester Aspden, Ian Duhig, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Zodwa Nyoni, Sai Murray and The Baggage Handlers.


Ian Duhig, Sarah J Bradley & Fiona Gell

Partnership: the writing competition couldn’t have happened without massive input from our two partners: the Big BookEnd festival of words (co-ordinated by Fiona Gell), and Fictions of Every Kind (co-ordinated by SJ Bradley). We are immensely grateful to them, to the first round of readers (Jenna Isherwood, Claire Stephenson, Nasser Hussain, and Becky Cherriman) and to the judges: Caryl Phillips, Marina Lewycka and Ian Duhig. And we had great service from Valley Press. With partners like these, even a small outfit like ours can do big things.

Please buy promote this book through all your networks — and please buy it!