Full information on the 28th June 2017 event is  here.  [A photo report after the event was posted here  ] What follows is the description of the event we organised . . .

Darcus Howe opening the Mandela Centre, Chapeltown Road, Leeds, UK, 9th June 1984

Darcus Howe (left) and Cllr Bernard Atha at the opening of the Leeds Mandela Centre, UK, 9th June 1984. [Photos: Max Farrar]

David Oluwale’s story was first told by Ron Phillips in a 1972 issue of Race Today magazine. Darcus Howe became the editor of Race Today in 1974. With his new team, he transformed it into a campaigning, revolutionary journal, recording and transforming black struggle internationally. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Darcus, along with the Race Today  Collective, visited Leeds for cultural and political events. Chapeltown News had good links with Race Today. In 1984 Darcus Howe opened the Mandela Centre on Chapeltown Road.

Full information on the 28th June 2017 event is  here

So Remember Oluwale has teamed up with Conversations in Black History at Leeds University, the Leeds TUC and Stand Up to Racism to organise an event on Wednesday 28th June 2017 where we can remember Darcus’s contribution to British (and global) struggles for equality, freedom and social justice.

Appropriately, it is at the Mandela Centre on Chapeltown Road, using the excellent RJC studio so we can screen The Mangrove Nine documentary (Franco Rossi and John la Rose, 1973). Arthur France MBE, a friend and political associate of Darcus’s, and a founder of the United Caribbean Association in 1964 in Leeds will lead a panel discussion after the screening.  Robin Bunce (Darcus’s biographer) will be on the panel. Chair: Dr Anyaa Anam-Addo (Leeds University). Alexander D Great, the calypsonian, will sing his specially-written song memorialising Darcus. Leila Howe, Darcus’s widow, will be present.

Full information on the event is here

Audience at the opening of the Mandela Centre, Chapeltown Road, Leeds, UK, 9th June 1984. Arthur France MBE in white shirt in centre moving to his seat. [Photo: Max Farrar]

Renegade: The life and times of Darcus Howe by Robin Bunce and Paul Field is available here There will be copies on sale.

This event is free, but a collection will be taken.

Photos from Darcus Howe’s funeral in Notting Hill, London, on 20th April 2017 by Max Farrar