Over the summer, Heena Siddiqi did a placement from her digital media course at Leeds University with the Remember Oluwale charity. She wrote this for us. At the end, there is of the films she made for us.

Heena writes:

From my experience of visiting the Harrison Bundey Mama Dread Carnival Mas Camp I have made this short video showing the exciting process of making the flower costumes, that around 100 people will wear in the parade on Carnival Bank Holiday Monday. The whole troupe is called ‘All Ah We Are Migrants’ and their costumes reflect the pain and the pleasure of migration. The flowers in this video represent the beauty and growth that result when migrants are allowed to flourish in the country they settle in. About 100 troupe members will perform in these flower costumes.

Agnes Richards, the lead designer, explained to me that:

“About 50 others will wear life belt costumes to remind everyone of the peril that refugees today experience. The costumes include traditional West African designs for the men and boys with cut end tops and trousers”.

Agnes’ main reason for getting involved with the Carnival is that she has a keen interest in arts and crafts. Here she is painting away the flower petal outfits for the skirts for the carnival.

The King David sculpture (see previous post) leading the troupe will be surrounded by cloth representing the waves of the sea, this symbolises the journey that so many migrants have made.

People in the video making the costumes spoke to me about their enjoyment in making these costumes:

“The involvement with making the costumes and celebrating as a community is the main reason why I love carnival.”

“It’s nice to work with creative people on how to put outfits together.”

By Heena Siddiqi

Digital Media Student on Placement with the David Oluwale Memorial Association (August 2017)