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understanding of the life
and death of David Oluwale.

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A Place called Home: Caryl Phillips, Imtiaz Dharker & Glyn Maxwell on 13.10.17

Highly respected writers will help us investigate the idea of ‘being at home’ in the modern city on 13th October. There was no safe home for David Oluwale in Leeds. The idea for a memorial to David Oluwale came from Caryl Phillips. He’ll be reading from the chapter about David in his book Foreigners. The poet,...

DOMA Annual Report and Accounts 2016

Please find the time to read our latest Annual Report DOMA Annual Report 2016 As well as providing our financial accounts, we review the charity’s work over the previous year, including photos and brief descriptions of the events we organised with our partners: The Oluwale Partnership Symposium (Leeds Beckett University, 17.4.15) with wonderful support from the...

Remembering Oluwale – An Anthology published

Three Minutes of Empathy View the poetry/film here Remembering Oluwale Anthology is now published. We’ve just awarded the prizes and launched the book arising from our David Oluwale Writing competition. Remembering Oluwale – An Anthology (edited by SJ Bradley, Valley Press, 2016) and the winning entries are announced on the Big BookEnd’s site here. We offer our huge congratulations to...

Oluwale Writing Prize long-list

Twenty-six writers of poetry and short stories responding to David Oluwale have been selected and the winners will be announced on 27th April. 70 entries were received in a competition organised by Fictions of Every Kind and the Big Bookend in partnership with the RememberOluwale charity. The world-renowned writers Caryl Phillips (author of one of...

The David Oluwale Writing Prize deadline looms

The 1971 ‘Remember Oluwale’ graffiti has inspired writers and poets. Our Writing Prize  offers more opportunities to reflect on David’s life and the issues it provokes. Please contribute — the deadline (6th March 2016) approaches fast. A book containing the best entries will be published in June 2016. Our high-profile judges are Caryl Phillips, Marina Lewycka...
Remembering David in history, poetry, music and film

Remembering David in history, poetry, music and film

There is now a considerable body of work which reflects on David Oluwale's life and tragic death. This long essay by Max Farrar, Secretary to the David Oluwale Memorial Association, discusses several of the most substantial works, starting with Ron Phillips's important article 'The Death of One Lame Darkie' (1972).