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A Place called Home: Caryl Phillips, Imtiaz Dharker & Glyn Maxwell on 13.10.17

Highly respected writers will help us investigate the idea of ‘being at home’ in the modern city on 13th October. There was no safe home for David Oluwale in Leeds. The idea for a memorial to David Oluwale came from Caryl Phillips. He’ll be reading from the chapter about David in his book Foreigners. The poet,...
Creative Costume Making (1)

Creative Costume Making (1)

KING DAVID OLUWALE will lead 150 migrant masqueraders at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Leeds West Indian Carnival in Chapeltown, Leeds, on 28th August 2017. Remember Oluwale is partnering with the Harrison Bundey Mama Dread troupe for this historic event. In this post, we provide some background. THE CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL is the best expression...

Remembering David (d. 1969) and Christopher (d.1998)

Here are the #RememberOluwale slides we used at the event last night discussing the deal in custody of Christopher Alder in 1998, and David Oluwale’s life and death (1949- 1969). David O life presentation PDF This is probably the most succinct account we’ve produced so far of David’s abjection. We are very grateful to Dr Say Burgin...

Oluwale Writing Prize long-list

Twenty-six writers of poetry and short stories responding to David Oluwale have been selected and the winners will be announced on 27th April. 70 entries were received in a competition organised by Fictions of Every Kind and the Big Bookend in partnership with the RememberOluwale charity. The world-renowned writers Caryl Phillips (author of one of...
Remembering Oluwale: Performance 23rd January 2013

Remembering Oluwale: Performance 23rd January 2013

Remembering Oluwale: Part 1 – Performance (23rd January 2013) DOMA has commissioned Khadijah Ibrahiim with Leeds Young Authors, and Rommi Smith with the Baggage Handlers to create a programme of poetic and place-based activities. With food and music, the event will be hosted by Chijioke John Ojukwu of the Nigerian Community in Leeds. The event will demonstrate...