promoting knowledge and
understanding of the life
and death of David Oluwale.

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#RememberOluwale (DOMA) Annual Report for 2016-7

Here’s our annual report for our AGM in June 2017. It’s taken me all this time to insert the photos. (The above photo is in the report — RememberOluwale supported this event on Leeds Bridge on 20.1.71.) DOMA 4th Annual Report to 2017 pdf It’s not too long and it will keep you pretty well...

DOMA Annual Report and Accounts 2016

Please find the time to read our latest Annual Report¬†DOMA Annual Report 2016 As well as providing our financial accounts, we review the charity’s work over the previous year, including photos and brief descriptions of the events we organised with our partners: The Oluwale Partnership Symposium (Leeds Beckett University, 17.4.15) with wonderful support from the...

Remember Oluwale Annual Report

Here is the first Annual Report of our charity (up to 31 May 2014). It’s full of information and photos. It includes our Accounts. ¬†It’s well worth a read. DOMA Annual Report 2014 final But if you are too much of a hurry, it opens with this “impact statement”: The David Oluwale Memorial Association has...