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We are all migrants (3) Milda's story

We are all migrants (3) Milda’s story

Here’s another reflection on the experience of migration, this time from Lithuania. It’s part of our series arising from the participation of King David (Oluwale) in the All Ah We Are Migrants troupe formed by Harrison Bundey Mama Dread’s Masqueraders at the Leeds West Indian Carnival in August 2017. This story was recorded by our...
Creative Costume Making (1)

Creative Costume Making (1)

KING DAVID OLUWALE will lead 150 migrant masqueraders at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Leeds West Indian Carnival in Chapeltown, Leeds, on 28th August 2017. Remember Oluwale is partnering with the Harrison Bundey Mama Dread troupe for this historic event. In this post, we provide some background. THE CARIBBEAN CARNIVALĀ is the best expression...